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Thrive & Shop is the collective boutique for all our products from Stay Frosty Life, Survivor of the Fittest, and more. We believe in supporting each other and connecting as a community with our survivors and first responders. It is only together that we thrive.

This month we released our long-sleeve inspirational shirts and debuted our new styles of T-shirts for almost every design. We have a slim fit cut for women that still gives you a little breathing room at the waist and a classic, soft unisex jersey short sleeve with a little room all over and a little extra length. Most importantly, we always have FREE Shipping on ALL orders delivered in the U.S. over $50!

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Enjoy our Conference special! A collection of our favorite T-shirts with FREE shipping!!

  • Stay Frosty Life

    When you “Stay Frosty,” you are alert, focused, present, and connected to those people and places around you. At www.stayfrostylife.com, we celebrate our experiences in travel, gatherings, food, and self-improvement and strength. These products reflect those journeys.

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  • Survivor of the Fittest

    Survivor of the Fittest engages with trauma and abuse survivors and the first responders who serve them. We focus on helping to recover your strength through fitness, wellness, and connection. We survive and thrive when we normalize trauma and connect.

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  • Advocate Humor & Advocate Strong

    When we say "first responders" we are not just talking about law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services. Our advocates are there on the front lines every day helping our survivors through and bonding together. We created this line especially for them!

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  • "One Bite"

    When we are faced with trauma and upheaval, everything can seem so overpowering and overwhelming. We work with our survivors and first responders to normalize that trauma and focus on how handling so much at once is the same way you eat a proverbial elephant ... "one bite" at a time.

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